I have worked with Grace Healthcare [of Tucker] for the past several years through the director of social services, as well as her assistant. I have found them both to be very professional and knowledgeable. My overall experience with other staff has been very positive as well.
Lynette, Community Referral Partner
Glad to be coming back to Grace Healthcare of Tucker for the second time. The people here seem to work together; they seem compatible. They are cordial and many with smiling faces.
Every time I come to visit my husband, the place looks great and there are no odors. Staff is always helpful and busy working.
I’m an LPN at Grace Healthcare of Tucker. I love the teamwork with my unit manager and co-workers. I love taking care of the residents and helping them with their daily needs. It makes me feel fulfilled!
Ciatta, Tucker Team Member
Ciatta, my day nurse, is wonderful and so is Leslie, my day CNA, who is always very nice. I eat all my meals with my husband in the dining room. The food is good. I love going to Bingo and love the entertainers who come to Grace. Dion, my physical therapist, is working with me so I can go home soon. I am looking forward to going home soon. I would refer Grace Healthcare of Tucker.
Staff is really friendly and I felt comfortable leaving my Mom and Dad here.
[As a resident], I have had a great experience here this past year. The nurses and staff are courteous, and very good listeners when I am concerned or worried about my well-being. The activities here are very exciting; they allow you to get to know other people and staff. The dining room is where I go every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is excellent and it’s a wide variety of meals to choose from. I would recommend Grace to anyone.
I have been with Grace Healthcare of Tucker since 1991. I am the Employee Relations Manager and I am here for all staff and residents. I know we have the best team in healthcare. I am very happy that I joined this team.
Brenda, Tucker Team Member
Love Mimi, my morning CNA; she is very thoughtful, and goes above and beyond. All CNAs give good care. Nurses are very professional and compassionate, and the physical therapists are very involved in my plans to go home. They are encouraging and fun! Dining services offer many choices. I enjoy entertainment and activities provided. This is my second time at Grace and will be coming back again after my hip replacement!!
Staff is nice and the building is very clean. My wife had a good experience here.
What makes us stand out is that every single employee has a stake in the company’s success. We are very team driven and we operate in a way that puts our collective goal ahead of individual glory. We will continue to grow because we are a nimble company that can rise to any challenge we may face. We here at GHCT are smart, energetic and fun to work with. We love what we do.
Richard, Tucker Team Member
My wife, Mary, is receiving excellent care at this facility. The staff is professional, attentive and caring. She speaks highly of the friendliness of those in contact. I am happy that Mary is happy and glad that we chose Grace for long-term care.
I started therapy today! My CNAs and nurses are very nice. When I ask for assistance, I don’t wait too long. I am open to my CNA ordering my meals; the food is good. I feel safe here and sleep through the night. My family has visited me, and are pleased with my care. I will be going home after I finish my rehab. I fell at home going downstairs to my basement. I would recommend Grace.
Since I have been working at Grace Healthcare [of Tucker], I have gained a wonderful family. During orientation I learned a lot of new things like how to work with a diverse staff and to have even more compassion for the elderly community. It brings me so much joy working at Grace.
I have been working here since 2007. I have always been impressed with how the staff treats the residents with respect, and it is always a pleasure to come to work every day and give a little back.
Leslie, Tucker Team Member
Grace is more like family than a workplace. Everyone is so warm and welcoming. From the very first moment when entering the building you are greeted with a smile. Everyone here goes above and beyond to ensure a safe and clean environment for the residents and staff. During my orientation, Paula made the experience so warm and inviting. We did not feel like the new people, but more like new family members ready to learn and grow.
Kimberly, Tucker Team Member
I love my job. The residents make me want to come to work and do my best.
Trisha, Tucker Team Member
I have lived here for three years. The nurses take good care of me. I get my medications on time every day. They are very polite. I enjoy going to the dining room for my meals. [There is] always something to eat that I like on the menu. I really like the musicians who come.
Mr. Brandon Todd [Administrator], We would like to congratulate you and thank you in developing a personnel staff and their standards with outstanding attitudes… God bless you.
Don & Joan
The facility is clean and the staff is friendly.
Staff is friendly and responsive. Food is good. Going to Grace’s neighbor, The Phoenix Assisted Living. Thank you, Grace Healthcare!
Rocky start, but satisfied now. Need 2xs, not 1x, assistance; thank you for your help. Tiffany, my CNA is excellent. Beverly, my nurse, is also excellent. Activity assistants visit daily. Food is much better than I thought it would be. Going home. I live one mile from Grace. Grace was my first choice!
Grace Healthcare of Tucker is fantastic! The facilities, staff and personal service are first-class in every way. Grace Healthcare is definitely a home environment.
I was a patient at Grace Rehabilitation Center of Vero Beach, Florida, for 30 days before my family and I decided that my wife and I should sell our home and move to Georgia where family lives. My son visited Grace Healthcare of Tucker and now I am here for short-term rehab. [The] nursing is outstanding here, and Seja, my second shift CNA, is outstanding. I am sleeping through the night and I know I am safe. My physical therapy is slow, and I am anxious to be home with my wife. I enjoy going to the dining room for meals, and I attend activities. I would recommend Grace to anyone who asks me about a place for short-term rehab.
I love the food! Christmas day lunch! I feel safe here. The nurses and CNAs get a grade ‘A’, and rehab is hard on me, but it’s their job. This is my second time here for short-term rehab. I would recommend Grace!